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ONeill Unisex Epic 5mm Round Toe Boots ONeill Unisex Epic 5mm Round Toe Boots
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Designed to keep your feet warm in the winter months but can be used all year round across all water sports. Fantastic for the cooler seasons with it's high cut style and 5mm neoprene for protection from the cold. Reinforced toes and heels offer lots of flexibility, especially in the sole giving the boot a great grip. 5mm Fluid Foam Neoprene Glued Blind Stitched Seams
ONeill Youth Epic 5mm RT Boot ONeill Youth Epic 5mm RT Boot
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The Kids Epic boot is a solid, price point built designed to see kids through all year round surfing. The simple yet effective design provides strong grip, arch support and unmatched fit to keep you warm. It's a 5mm, super versatile boot with toe support. Round Toe Arch support Reinforced toe protection Strong sole
Zone 3 Womens Aspect Breaststroke Wetsuit Zone 3 Womens Aspect Breaststroke Wetsuit
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The new Zone3 Aspect wetsuit has been developed in response to the high volume of swimmers searching for a wetsuit in which they can swim breaststroke with as well as front crawl. The large majority of wetsuits on the market are only designed for surface swimming and don’t allow for the lateral leg movement required for the breaststroke technique. This is where the Aspect is different, utilising a…
Zone3 Neoprene Swim Socks Zone3 Neoprene Swim Socks new
22 in stock
If you’ve ever worn ill fitting socks, you are part way towards understanding the discomfort and frustration faced by many owners of swim socks, which fill with water and easily slip off. By increasing the length of the sock, so it could be tucked into the wetsuit, ensuring there was no exposed skin and adding a Velcro strap to keep the sock in place we solved the problem, a simple solution, but a…


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